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Kevin Heath Britton

Teacher | Instructional Designer | Technology Manager & Trainer | Graphic/Web Designer & Producer




Overview of Experience:

I am educator and instructional designer who has over 20 years' experience teaching and developing digital resources for academic institutions. I also have industry experience in graphic and website design for clients such as Levi Strauss, Wüsthof Trident, and Webvan.com. Some of my key qualifications are:


  • extensive teaching experience in high school, college and museum settings;
  • sixteen years' experience training educators on how to use and integrate technology, including content management systems, into their work;
  • ten years' experience in graphic and web interface design and production;
  • eight years' experience in technology evaluation, procurement and systems management for new schools;
  • six years' experience working with and four years teaching CAD and 3D technologies;
  • five years' experience teaching courses in graphic design and film production;
  • two years' experience as the lead/gateway web producer for a $1 billion corporation; and
  • experience providing pro-bono technology solutions for non-profit and academic institutions.


My unique set of experiences in different work settings, as well as my passion for learning, allow me to teach academic courses in a number of content areas. In addition, I believe my experience as an instructional designer and technology trainer position me well to help any institution evaluate and improve its educational offerings.


Enjoy my portfolio and contact me if you would like to work on a project together.

Phone: 570.939.1359
Email: britton_k@lasd.us

25 N. 4th St.
Lewisburg, PA 17837