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Educational Technology

Management Experience

In the San Francisco Bay Area, I served as a technology manager for two new schools that were built from the ground up. It was my job to research, evaluate, and procure new hardware and software to meet institutional and budgetary goals. I ran cable, installed server technologies and managed server rooms. I also designed and installed smart classrooms and computer labs, in addition to procuring hundreds of laptops and computer carts. I oversaw the installation of communications, announcement, and auditorium sound and presentation systems. My duties also included researching and contracting with copy vendors and managing on-site copy machines, as well as developing maintenance, inventory and anti-theft procedures. I was even involved with electrical design and installation for technology projects.

Being involved with technology design from the blueprint level of a building all the way to classroom integration has given me a broad understanding of systems design. I am familiar with many different types of technologies and am experienced in solving the problems associated with integrating new technologies in education.

Instructional Technology

Training Experience

It is my role to train teachers and students how to use new technologies after they are installed. My extensive experience as a technology trainer allows me to communicate clearly with both administrators and end-users. Below are a few of the key experiences that helped me develop as a professional.

As a graduate student working at the University of Virginia's New Media Center, I developed educational resources for academic projects and taught professors how to integrate technology into their work. This experience encouraged me to move to San Francisco during the tech bubble of the late 1990s. From 1998–2000, I worked as a lead web producer for the marketing department of an Internet startup named Webvan.com. One of my roles was to employ end-user research from focus groups to design better web interfaces for online shoppers. Another role was to design training programs for new employees and copywriters so they could use the web GUIs my team developed. The skills I gained in the tech industry have helped me design better web-based educational resources and become a better technology trainer. I am particularly adept at training teachers to use content management systems as platforms to integrate multiple technologies and interact with their students online. I am also skilled at training educators how to create digital resources and assessments that make them more efficient and effective in their teaching.

Teaching Experience

Along with my experience managing and designing instructional technologies, I have over 20 years of teaching experience in a variety of venues. I began my teaching career as a docent and museum educator for the Education Department at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. During my time at the museum, I designed educational materials and led tours for children and adults. In addition, as part of the Visual Arts as Sources for Teachers (VAST) program, I wrote lessons on museum collections and objects and trained teachers how to use art in their curricula.

After returning to the U.S. from a year abroad on a research grant, I attended the University of Virginia, where I taught introductory art history classes as a graduate assistant for the McIntire Department of Art. During this time, I also worked at the New Media Center, where I gained valuable experience working with technology and developing digital teaching tools. In 1998, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I worked as a freelance designer and as a web developer for Webvan.com. While at Webvan, I trained new employees and copy editors to use web interfaces developed by my team.

In 2000, I left the tech industry and was hired as part of a five-person team tasked to build a small alternative high school in Novato, California, named Marin Oaks. My job was to acquire technology resources, build a network and lab, and teach technology and social studies classes. In 2002, I was hired to help build another new school in San Francisco, Stuart Hall High School. Stuart Hall is an independent boys’ Catholic school that is located in Pacific Heights and part of the Schools of the Sacred Heart Network. At Stuart Hall, I was in charge of building smart classrooms, upgrading server technologies, and acquiring and installing the school's public announcement and audiovisual systems. Moreover, as the Head of Technology, I developed the technology curriculum, led programs for technology training, and taught technology classes, including digital design, CAD, character modeling and web programming. To enhance the curriculum, I restructured the department by implementing a technology integration program. I hired an integration specialist to help teachers incorporate content-rich technology projects into all classes. The program was paced by grade level and culminated in a senior portfolio that students presented to the faculty and school.

Since my return to Central Pennsylvania, I have gained valuable experience developing teacher training programs and web resources for the Lewisburg Area School District. For example, I was instrumental in the impementation of Moodle and Google tools across the district. Moreover, I played an integral role in helping the high school move to a one-to-one laptop program. Through these initiatives, I have been able to develop and deploy resources for larger groups of students and teachers across grade levels and subjects.

Philadelphia Museum of Art VAST Resource Book Cover

Renaissance Art and Science: An interactive lesson I designed for history and humanities classes

A website produced by a student in my Multimedia and Web Design Class for his senior portfolio

Epsilon: A first shooter game developed by my Digital Art 3D Class

With my lead and training, Moodle is now used by teachers across the Lewisburg Area School District