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Environmental Work

Golden Trout Project

I created educational programs and digital resources for this multi-institutional project that was headed by California Trout and Streams and supported by Orvis, Trout Unlimited, and the University of California at Davis. The goal of the project was to help restore and sustain habitat for California's threatened state fish, the Golden Trout. As part of the project, I collected genetic samples that provided data for university researchers. My backcountry work was photographed by the renowned fly fishing photographer R. Valentine Atkinson and featured in the Southwest Fly Fishing and American Fly Fisher magazines. In San Francisco, I designed, produced, and relayed project resources to schools, where I recruited and employed student volunteers to participate in the project. I led student outings to restore Golden Trout habitats. Moreover, I worked with California Trout to produce website articles and paper-based newsletters about student work experiences.

Ban the Bottle Campaign

Through the production of digital resources and outreach programs, I helped California Trout and Streams stop Nestlé USA from capturing an aquifer and building a water bottling facility in McCloud, California. Water speculators had promised to create jobs and work for the best interests of the town of McCloud. However, when Northern Californians learned about the negative impacts of corporatizing public water supplies, they realized the Nestlé deal was not in their best interest. By partnering with the Ban the Bottle campaign, farmers, recreationists and municipal water managers committed themselves to keeping water resources public and their environment free of plastic, as well as water and air pollution.

Hat Creek Restoration Project

I also supported restoration efforts to rebuild Hat Creek riverbanks that were damaged by cattle and muskrats. I developed educational resources and programs that brought students to Hat Creek to support the cause.


Instructional Design

Photo Credits

Portrait: Saba Shatara
Mt. Shasta: Kevin Britton
Golden Trout & Kevin Fishing: R. Valentine Atkinson